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Technology has grown rapidly and medical field has harnessed this technological advancement specially to spread knowledge and ad to academics. Anaesthesia TV is one such project that completely relies on technology and ‘Academic Philanthropy’. We believe every speaker in a conference or every author of a paper wishes to share his knowledge with his peers. A lot of hard work and effort goes into preparing these talks and papers but the impact of it quite limited as only delegates of the conference get to benefit from the effort. Anaesthesia TV aims to provide a platform where videos of conferences and talks can be made available to all Anaesthetist across the globe completely free of cost. The hard work and effort of the speakers can reach an international community of Anaesthetist who can benefit. Also this will create a record for posterity both for the speaker and for the conference and its organisers.


The Format:

  • Anaesthesia TV is planned to replicate a format of an academic Journal with video content. Every article will have the video with name of the speaker and the conference details
  • Every video will have a citation link which can be used to cite the Video similar to a journal article. The citations will be a continuous citation with Anaesthesia TV as name of the Journal.
  • Every conference will have its own page with names of the organisers and organising committee and program. This will be followed by a list of videos from the conference
  • Every videos will be easily searchable using speakers name and name of the conference making the interface user friendly


How does it benefit the Organiser?

  • The conference details will be available for posterity for a long time. Currently details of conferences and organisers are lost once the conference website goes offline [which happens in a year]. By putting conference details on Anaesthesia TV, the details will be available online on our website and the entire program can be put up in pdf format.
  • Anaesthesia TV will also post the details of the conference and links to program and conference websites on our portals [Anaesthesia TV, facebook etc]. This will help popularise the conference and get more delegates for the event. Information about the conference can be put up on our website much before the conference. We will provide this service free of cost to all conferences that liaise with us.
  • All videos will be organised on Anaesthesia TV under the banner of the conference and this will itself work as marketing for the society and conference itself and will help in adding to the reputation of the society
  • Sharing of this content will create an image of the society / conference which believes in principle of Knowledge Sharing. This Academic Philanthropy will be appreciated all across the world and by every Anaesthetist who benefits form the videos on the conference
  • There is no cost incurred on the organisers. They simply have to provide the video content which will be processed by Anaesthesia TV team free of cost.



How does it benefit the Speaker?

  • The primary aim of every speaker is to showcase their work and share their knowledge with peers. Anaesthesia TV will be provide an open access forum where this knowledge can be showcased in front of the world and will provide a chance of worldwide recognition for the speaker. Since the portal is a global portal it will also invite comments and suggestions from peers across the globe and also forge new connections and networks
  • Every video will be in a journal article format with proper scientific citation. Anyone who wishes to refer to the video can use that citation in their paper publication or presentation. This will be indexed primarily with Google scholar and possibly with other indexing bodies and will definitely add to citation list and H index of every speaker author. It will let the speaker earn academic credits for a conference presentation similar to a paper. This will be a great benefit in building ones academic credentials.
  • One of the major benefit is the record that will exist for posterity in author’s name. Even after years, people can listen to your talk and benefit from it.



Who developed the Idea?

Anaesthesia TV is a joint effort undertaken by Dr Ashok Shyam and Dr Pallavi Lande. Academic Research Group (ARG) has been in field of academics in since 2007. We have now 10 years of experience with technology which we have used to develop online journals, online portals and mobile Apps. Anaesthesia TV is a combined effort by all three of these units to bring an academically enriching experience to the Anaesthesia community.


Salient Features of Anaesthesia TV

  • Anaesthesia TV will be an open access platform but only for Anaesthetist. There will be sign up facility that will require submitting documents verifying the applicant as an Anaesthetist. The login will be provided only after confirming the identity of the clincian. The portal will not be open to general public.
  • Videos will be provided in a view only format and cannot be downloaded. The copyright issues of the video will be made clear to the audience and strict norms will be followed regarding the same
  • Every video will be posted only after permission form the conference organiser and the speaker. We will not process nor post any video without written permission from the speaker. Every video will have a short biography of the speaker along with his photograph and contact details. The copyright of the video will be retained by the speaker and he can request to delete the video anytime.
  • Anaesthesia TV will have its own editorial board and reviewer’s panel. Every video when received will undergo peer review similar to a journal article. Based on comments of the reviewers the video will be accepted. This process will maintain quality of the content too
  • There will be no charges for registration and after verification all videos will be available for free to everyone. However download of the video will not be allowed to anyone.


Financial Transactions

There will be no financial transactions between the organisers and Anaesthesia TV also there will be no fees for the viewers. This will be completely open and we will not be selling the viewing rights. We believe that the academic value that Anaesthesia TV will add to the conference [by providing free promotion, indexing and citation like a journal and availability of the content for a long time] is something of much greater value than money.


How to affiliate with Anaesthesia TV?

The organising committee of the conference or the society can review the concept and propose changes and suggestion. The terms can be mutually agreed upon.

We will provide a copyright form which can be given to the speakers and they can let us know if they wish for their content to feature on Anaesthesia TV. If the speakers deny the content will not be published on Anaesthesia TV.

The organisers have to record the proceedings and sent the videos to us in DVD. The Anaesthesia TV team will break down the videos into individual talks. A Request will be sent to every speaker to provide their details, photograph and contact details [upto 6 authors can be added to a talk] along with signed copyright form.

Anaesthesia TV will further promote these videos through online channels of ARG and other journals. We will make sure your content reaches maximum audience.


For any further queries please contact:

Dr Ashok Shyam: drashokshyam@gmail.com

Dr Pallavi Lande

Website: www.Anaesthesiatvonline.com  ||  Email: Anaesthesia.tv@gmail.com