Affiliate with Anaesthesia TV

Anaesthesia TV is essentially a collaborative project and we invite collaborations from all academicians, conferences, CME’s and Societies. We believe only through collaborations we can create a platform of highest academic value.

For Individual Academician

Individuals can collaborate by contributing there academic material to be displayed on the website

Academic Material contributed can be Videos or Powerpoints (which will be converted to videos and displayed)

A list of contributors and their videos will be displayed on the website and citations will be provided for all the videos

Register with Anaesthesia TV: Click Here


For Conferences and CME Organizers

The conference organizers can officially affiliate with Anaesthesia TV.

The conference Organizers can announce this to their speakers and the consent form can be circulated among the speakers. If the speaker agree and sends the signed consent form, their talks will be included on Anaesthesia TV. We will send proof of the article page to the authors for approval before making it live

Details of the conference will also be added to the website and individual page of all the videos from the conference will be displayed


Download the Consent Form here


For Societies and Associations

Societies and associations can officially affiliate with Anaesthesia TV. All the recorded events, CME’s and Conferences of the society will be a part of Anaesthesia TV. All members of the society will be send an invitation mail to join Anaesthesia TV. Once the list of members is provided by the society all members will be given full rights of Anaesthesia TV and they will not have to follow the formal registration process.

For any further queries please contact:

Dr Pallavi Lande- Marghade :

Dr Ashok Shyam: